Will Apple revamp its entire gadget line up in 2012?

According to rumors, Apple is all set to release its much hyped products iPad 3, iPhone 5 and MacBook Pro this year. After the launch of iPhone 4, many of them anticipated the next release would be iPhone 5, instead Apple released iPhone 4S, which came as a shock and surprise to most of the consumers and users across the world.

But the year 2012 looks promising as Apple is all geared up to launch its three new products to the world. Though rumors are doing round about iPad 3, iPhone rumors doesn’t seem to stop. Let’s check out the rumored iPhone 5 specifications that all have been talking about.

  • A larger display
  • Greater resolution
  • A Quad-Core processor
  • 4G Technology
  • Wireless charging etc

Though nothing has been confirmed about the specifications by the manufacturers, most analysts bet that it might be out during spring.

Coming to iPad 3, a rising number of rumors have begun springing up about iPad 3 release date from early march 2012 to second half of 2012. iPad 3 features are widely based on the display features and the processor according to rumors.

This tablet promises quite a lot of new and exciting features, it is rumored to be priced very high. And it is also stated that iPad 3 will be sold with a discount price. If this is true, it will surely attract a lot of individuals to get their hands on this latest tablet.

So 2012 will be a year full of surprises and it will be interesting to see whether Apple will live up to its expectations or not.

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