What makes an iPhone/iPad game a winning one?

Every smartphone game developer is always on hunt for ideas to build a next winning game for iPhone and iPad. While there are strategies or formula’s for building a successful game/app, there are plenty of other things that can be and must be done for a product’s success.

There are hundreds of good games and apps out there on the Appstore, which have not fared well. Despite great graphics and gameplay, the games lack marketing. Intense marketing does effect on the sales of any product.

A piece of advice for new age game developers…

The best way to come out with a unique game concept is to rely on your own personal experience and identify where you see the need. Question yourself and relate to the daily chores you do and plan out strategies.

You can start by asking yourself the following questions: Your favorite sport? The game you played the most during childhood or your area of work. Just look around and you will get hundreds of ideas to build a game. When you come with an idea for an iPhone/iPad game, just look for similar kind of games in Appstore. The chances are pretty good as you might end up finding some games to what you have thought about developing.

While you may not land on an original idea, but chances of improving or adding new features missing in your competitor’s game is pretty high. List down the key features available and also the lacking features in the existing game and do a survey. Then you can look at what features you can add that will make your game a whole lot better.

Once the development stage is done, your task is to identify the target audience in order to sell your product. You need to have thorough information about latest trends and what a user/customer is actually interested in. The main objective is to make your customers/visitors feel good about your app; this is the key to draw them back on regular basis.

Always seek customer reviews, customers make purchases based on the positive recommendations of others. The experts can give readers a positive recommendation for your games, which in turn brings a lot of credibility.

Focus, Implement, Manage and Delegate are the key mantras for marketing your iPhone/iPad games. Building a game is a long-term commitment and developers/companies need to evaluate carefully by targeting the right audience and right niche market.

An apt plan forces you to carefully think how to develop a game that is innovative, unique, and marketable. This is going to improve your chances of stable sales and profits considerably.

Good Luck!!!

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