Web Development and Design – How it Works?

Successful websites, applications and digital assets all have the same foundation – good planning. Planning and research helps you understand user needs and expectations and how these fit into the context of your business. They inform site planning, and help with making good design and development choices.Even before you begin planning, you need to have some core considerations in mind:

  • Accessibility

This refers to barriers which might prevent users from accessing the website

  • Usability

This refers to how usable is the website to the users

  • Seachability

It refers to how the website ensures that it can be found via search

  • Discoverability

It states how the website capitalizes on social media to make it more shareable and discoverable

Also check for the browser compatibility, users’ ability barriers such as language or sight problems. The technical barriers can be easier to qualify and judge. Establish up front what browsers your website will support and test to ensure that it is compatible across those browsers.With the growing use of mobile devices to access the web, mobile browser compatibility is also important. Be careful of using technologies, such as Flash, which cannot be viewed on some mobile devices.

Many accessibility considerations can be solved by offering alternative formats for media files.


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