Web Design and Development – The Success Story

Successful websites come from strong planning with a focus on user needs. Websites should be built to be accessible and usable, search engine optimized and shareable and also look professional.Key considerations include:

  • Proper information architecture and clear navigation
  • Standards compliant HTML and functionality that works across all browsers
  • Descriptive naming of elements so that websites make sense without images and when accessed by text reading browsers

Design should enhance user experience and guide a visitor seamlessly through a website, as opposed to distracting visitors from their goals.

Web development and design can be seen as the thread that holds digital marketing together. After all, websites are the first thing we think of when we think of all things “Internet”.

Whatever campaign is being run, there is no doubt that it will involve a website. The fundamentals of website development and design, particularly designing for users first and foremost, should form the foundation of any campaign.

With the crucial role that search engines play in the way that people access the Internet and visit websites, web development and design goes hand in hand with SEO. Successful website development and design is all about foundations, and the resulting website usually forms the foundation of any digital marketing to follow.

Almost all digital marketing is designed to get users to a website where they convert into customers, so web development really is at the centre of all the online marketing activities.


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