The Prominence of Search to a Marketer

As search engines have become essential to a web user’s Internet experience, so search has become essential to a marketer. Search is important for a number of reasons:

  • Search is goal oriented

The Internet is a highly competitive environment, with literally billions of pages in existence. Web users find what they need primarily via search. Search drives targeted traffic to websites, which is a signal of intent from a web user.

  • To be found, you must be visible

If you want your website to generate a significant amount of traffic, it needs to be listed on the major search engines and listed high up enough to be seen.

  • Top of search equates to top of mind awareness

Beyond traffic, a high ranking website is valuable for brand perception. Web users often perceive search engine results as an indication of authority. Search visibility promotes brand recognition and research has shown that search engine listings can stimulate brand recall.

  • Catch potential customers

Most purchases are subject to a buying cycle. At different points in that cycle, prospects are searching with different key phrases. If you are ready to give consumers what they want, they will keep coming back and they will buy more quickly.To use organic search as an effective search marketing tactic, you must incorporate search engine optimization practices, and aim to improve a website ranking in the natural search results. This will obviously lead to long term ROI, more exposure and brand awareness.

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