The Good and Bad of Online Advertising

The changing trend in online advertisement has become quite popular and businessmen are gaining a lot of income from it. Every factor that we consider in Internet marketing has certain advantages and disadvantages of its own.


è Banner Ads

Banner advertising goes a long way towards bridging the advertising divide. Traditional buyers of advertising have been conditioned in a certain fashion and have come to understand advertising in a certain way.

Use banner advertising to brand the websites of every major player in that niche. This is more like running a competition; you have to keep the target market’s eye on the prize.

è Interactivity

Banners can contain rich media, so they offer levels of interactivity that other forms of advertising cannot achieve. Interaction builds a bond and improves the chances of the consumer remembering your brand in the future.

Modern online advertising is able to bring together a number of other online marketing tactics such as animations, games and videos.

è Measurability

Like any other marketing tactics, banner ads too are measurable. You can easily track clickthrough rates and get an idea of exactly how many people are responding to your Call to Action.


è Technical Obstacles

The nature of a lot of display advertising is intrusive, so pop up blockers can often prevent adverts from being served as they were intended by the advertisers.

è Advertising Fatigue

Consumers are suffering from advertising fatigue, so while new technologies can provide great results, as soon as the market moves mainstream it can get saturated. Consumers are increasingly ignoring adverts.

è Ad Blockers

As most browsers now block pop-ups, there are now extensions available for certain browsers, such as AdBlock Plus, that will block advertising on web pages. Many savvy consumers are increasingly using these methods to limit the advertisements.

Note that the Internet allows only for highly targeted and highly trackable display advertising across a variety of online media.

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