The Future of Online Advertising

While we have become used to the Internet as a free medium where we can read and interact with any content we want, it is the fact that it is an advertiser’s medium that keeps it free. And that means that as technologies evolve and the way we interact with content changes, so advertising follows.

The keyword here is “Engagement”, technology and data analysis is working towards being able to determine how websites can qualify the level of engagement with a viewer. A little online research will reveal plenty of commentary declaring the decline of display advertising. Increasingly, consumers are becoming both weary and wary of advertising. Clickthrough rates on banners are dropping, so the effectiveness of display advertising is being questioned by some.

Using third-party ad servers and post impression tracking, the effect of different advertising and marketing channels on each other can be observed. Measurement should take place across all channels, and no channel should be utilized in isolation.The best results will be gained through an integrated and holistic approach to digital marketing.

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