The Bigger Picture of Online Advertising

Offline advertising and marketing campaigns can be adapted for an online audience, so as to ensure maximum brand exposure. It is very effective in enhancing offline marketing and advertising activity and is ensuring a wider reach.As stated earlier, online advertising can be used as an acquisition channel, reaching out to a new audience. It can be used to initiate a buying cycle and customer relationship, which then plays out across other online channels. Addressing advertising and other channels to complement each other will result in a consistent message and optimum results. Online advertising can be used to reach a large audience, and then other digital marketing tactics can be used to further refine this audience.

Display advertising and affiliate marketing go hand in hand. Affiliate networks also act as advertising networks, allowing for advertising to be purchased on a performance basis.

When seeding new products and viral campaigns, display advertising can be used to reach a wide audience at a low cost. It can expose a campaign to many new users, and increase the chance that those who are most likely to pass on a message receive it in the first place. Display advertising also supports other advertising and marketing channels, such as search advertising and marketing.

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