The App Marketing Pre-Requisites

The biggest challenge faced by most of the app developers is figuring out the best marketing strategy, tools and techniques to successfully sell their iPhone/iPad apps on the Appstore. The app might have gained moderate sales success, but you are looking for opportunities like what else you can do from a marketing standpoint to influence even more downloads.

As discussed in the earlier posts, getting your app approved for sale on the Appstore is only the first step in the selling process. It takes a special mix of marketing activities to get your app noticed and to produce consistent sales success.

For an iPhone/iPad app to become a best-seller it has to have certain characteristics like a well written content, must have broad applicability, a good market reach and should be appropriately priced. Not all apps will fit in this criteria, in fact only a small percentage of apps on the Appstore meet such high criteria. Some of the iPhone/iPad apps will be good-sellers, but not best-sellers since their market may be limited or their applicability is focused on a narrow solution. This is partly why game apps are so popular, they have broad appeal and the audience tends to be quite large.

This is also one of the reasons why there are so many good game apps for sale on the Appstore. You can gain success through games if you hit on the right app, but on the other side the competition is extremely tough. It does take time to get the ball rolling, so don’t be discouraged if your app hasn’t achieved momentum in the first few weeks of sales.

Any good or useful iPhone/iPad apps will prompt your buyers to recommend the app to others through emails, blogs or personal conversations. Earning a good reputation for your app is surely a hard work. Your good reputation however can be extremely effective in helping you sell more apps and when you release follow-on apps to your user community.

Therefore in order to get success for your app and company, you have to adopt these simple methods. The challenge for any developer is to determine which tools will have the most impact on the app.


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