The All New Upcoming Apps on Android Store – Check them Out!!!

Permeative and i-Life are all set to release a wide range of apps for Android.

Check the list of must have apps loaded with plenty of cool features and great game-play. We are sure you will be looking for some good apps, we promise to deliver the best.

Here goes the list of Apps and Games for Android:

1.  Balut Pro

Balut Pro is an addicting game that will definitely catch your attention. Here is a sneak peak of Balut Pro.

The game consists of 28 rounds. In each round, you roll the dice and then score the roll in one of 7 categories. You must score 4 times in each category. This means that during the game, normally at the end, you may have to settle for scoring zero in some categories.


2. Draw Smart 

If you are tired of preparing presentations, budget charts, flowcharts, UI diagrams or trying to impress your colleagues, then bid goodbye to the boring routine work and make it interesting using our incredible application. Draw Smart is a utility application that helps you manage your day to day work. This application can be used at workplaces or training institutes.

This application comes with new and great features. Now preparing flow charts, diagrams and presentations is way too easy and consumes minimum amount of time.

3. Document Converter

Document Converter is a handy app that makes it possible for anyone to instantly convert a simple document to PDF format within seconds. With this you can effortlessly convert text documents with a quick and easy one tap process.

Document Converter is one solution for the conversion of documents into PDF. You can cut down your expenses by installing this one app. You can use it anytime and anywhere. This app allows you to add text, images and save the document within the application.

4. Penguin Maze

Penguin Maze is a game that will keep you hinged to your Devices. Be it, game play or logic, it will keep your brain rattling for every move you make.

How would you feel to trap a penguin…? It’s not just thrilling but it is also tricky to trap the penguin out in the slippery zone, even the best players go crazy at the wit of the Penguin.

The Penguin is very smart, take up the challenge and outsmart the penguin. There are no levels to complete, but the same level, which seem easy is very challenging.

5. Photo World

Memories play a vital role in our lives. We preserve those memories in various forms. Photos are one such collection, where all the memoirs are stored.

Now you can showcase all your cherished photos from holidays, family vacation, or any favorite moments in the form of a collage with “Photo World”, an easy to use photo collage maker.

The prospects, and events, are endless from vacation to parties; your personalized collages can now be created with just few taps. Photo World helps you create a picture perfect collage just as you want.

6. Photo Yaki

If you are looking out for a game of different kind, which will let you yearn for  more…! Photo Yaki is what we recommend. Its not just a game to play, but it lets you rattle your brain to find the solutions.

Photo Yaki is similar to jig saw puzzle game but with a slight modification. This new app has been developed for entertainment for all age groups. Little logic and skill has to be in applied to play this game. Here you have to reveal the hidden image that lies behind the square tiles. You need to tap on the square, in order to flip open the hidden image.

7. Set Goal

The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. Setting goals and scheduling tasks are the most key feature to get success in your life. So here is an App which will help you by tracking your progress and managing your tasks along with your goals.

Set Goal is the best tool available for you to track your goals. Set Goal helps you to start the dynamics of setting goals in life to mark your tasks, prepare yourself to face the real world with this app. Set Goal is not just about attaining goals but its a doorway to conquer achievements!

8. Tiny Horse

Enter a brilliant high definition world of revolution, mystery, and adventure as you get ready to experience the journey of your life with “Tiny Horse”.

Tiny Horse is a game full of surprises and challenge. Make your horse gallop, leap and dash through the sky by shooting the obstacles on the way. Make your horse cover maximum distance and set new records.

Hold the reigns and let the magic of Tiny Horse take you on a joy ride that you’ll never want it to let go. Experience this classic game with a Wild new spin!

These are some of the apps to look out for this season…..

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