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Here we have some of the playful kids games that will entertain children all day long. A wide variety of fun stuff just for all the kids out there.

Download the games at no cost so let your kids enjoy playing them all day long.

1. Piggy’s Bank

Piggy Bank is not just game of collecting coins, but also using logic to get the flow of coins into your piggy bank. Piggy’s Bank is a new physics game developed to explore the logical side of you.

Piggy’s Bank is an intuitive, simple and mind based game where you need to have excellent reasoning skills. The game is all about directing the coins to fall into the Piggy’s bank.

2. Oceana Plus & Oceana

The objective of the game is to navigate these balls (using the accelerometer  control in the iPhone), into the two separate colored bowls. The respective colored balls can be accelerated by just tapping on the two tap buttons. As you successfully place these balls into the bowls, you are one step closer to winning the challenge.

The best part here is, that you have unlimited time to complete each level! However, there are 25 different levels, the complexities for which keeps increasing as you go along!

3. Crazy Grab

Crazy Crab is a time management game in which orange crab has to build a bridge using Box and reach its destination within specified time. The Challenge is to avoid pushing the box on the wrong path and land up being stranded.

The Game is time bound and this make every move that you make a very valuable one. Avoid the dangerous red crab’s path as it will kill you.


4. Anaconda

The concept of this game is to direct the Anaconda to collect its food and grow as it eats. The challenge is to avoid the Anaconda getting into a loop and bite itself.

In this game, there are five exciting and challenging levels. However, when we say challenging, we mean in terms of speed, because the challenges you’ll face here is the increase in speed with every level, loop death. There is no time limit and no other obstacles!

5. Dog Trap & Rabbit Rescue

The main concept of this game is to rescue a stranded puppy safely to its mother. Sounds simple, apparently it’s not! In this game, the puppy is stranded on a “Leveller” platform which rises up only when the “Rescue Blocks” are arranged on the other end.

These Rescue Blocks are dropped when the puppy is made to pull the Pulley. Different shapes of Rescue Blocks will drop from the “Dropper”, you need to tap and rotate to arrange these Rescue Blocks in the order to form a tower.

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