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With siri now update your Facebook and Twitter profiles too

Though iOS 5 comes Twitter integrated when you ask Siri to “update Twitter” it politely replies with sorry I cant help you with Twitter. Don’t feel disappointed. Siri does not let you down here as well. After playing with few settings you will be able to update your twitter and Facebook accounts through Siri. If you need a break from the key board or if you wish to update your Status or send out Tweets while you are jogging all you have to do is to speak out to Siri and it does it all for you.

To train Siri to do all this for you follow these steps.

Step 1

To set up Twitter

Text start to your country’s short code. (its 40404 for U.S)

You will now be asked for your login details.  Once you give your username and password add the short code (40404 for example if you are in U.S) as a new contact and name it as Twitter.

Step 2

To set Up Facebook

Text Hello to your country’s short code. (32665 For U.S)

Now click on the link in the reply and complete the set up process in your browser. Now add the Short code to your contacts with Facebook as its Name.

This sets up your twitter and Facebook accounts ready to be updated by Siri. To update your status, all you have to do is to activate Siri and say send a text to Facebook or end a message to Twitter. Once you confirm your message your update will be posted for you.

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Social Media – What you need to know about it?

‘Social Media’ has become somewhat a buzz word over the past few years and it is all set to rule. However, it should not be seen as a stand-alone strategy and it can be incorporated as a part of any ongoing SEO campaign.

Why are social networks so important?

What most of the social networks offer is a chance to interact with the audience at a time, when they are more susceptible to the message you offer. This isn’t in a devious way, but people are used to the traditional advertising channels like TV, Radio and other sources, whilst they are important, people are used to them being there and can therefore be slightly desensitized to the message that they are portraying.

In what ways Social Media channels can be used?

I guess all are aware of the two big and most popular social channels, Facebook and MySpace. Creating a profile for a product/company is quite easy on these channels. But you can’t just setup a fan page and then leave it blank or not have a theme, put up a contest or some kind of interaction with the registered audience to keep them coming back.

You need to ensure that you spend at least an hour a day, updating the profile, answering questions, and coming up with ideas to not only keep the existing audience engaged and coming up, but also to attract new readership. Setting up a profile works on numerous levels including getting the product range in front of your target demographic right through to finding out what your audience thinks about your product offering.

This is just an overview on how to get creative with social media and how it will reward you in terms of increasing the followers/customers and profits too!!!

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Social Media Sites & Social Media Marketing

When you normally hear the term social media, what comes to your mind? It’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and many other websites that allows you to interact and share your views with a community of people. But Social Media is much more. Social Media also includes Blogs, RSS feeds, and Bookmarking sites such as Delicious, stumble upon etc.

The common mistake developers make is thinking that using social media will generate leads and sales of their apps.  But, in reality social media sites are more about creating relationships with a community of users and potential buyers. In order to be successful with social media, you must establish yourself as a respected participant in your area of interest and earn respect of that community. This takes time and steady work.

Here we will know about the different forms of social media marketing and how you can improve your effort to reach your target market. Some apps and games, lend themselves well to the social media approach because younger age groups tend to play the games and also tend to be consumers of social media advertising and marketing.

Harnessing the power of social media does afford app marketers the ability to reach large audiences of groups that share common interests. The great benefit of social media is that they are typically free for you to sign up. Within minutes you can register an account and be logged on to a social media site. There are thousands of sites you can join, but remember that social media sites are like being at a party. You can only be a part of a few conversations to really be effective and the same holds true for social media sites. You simply won’t have the time to devote to more than a few of them on any consistent basis.

For any company or product, it takes time to develop a following in social media, and it takes time to establish a presence. Here you to earn the respect of others in the community by visiting and commenting on different posts, adding value to conversations, and answering questions where you can provide insight. The activities on social media will open up opportunities for you to talk about your apps after you build a relationship with your readers/followers/buyers.

In longer terms, your results will be positive as you make new connections, establish yourself on the Web, and reap new sales of your app.

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Social Media Marketing – Key Points to Consider while Forming the Strategies

In our previous blogs, you saw things to include and avoid while marketing the business through social media sites. If followed correctly, the methods can work towards tremendous success or can backfire as well.

So, here we list down few things to consider before you develop a social media marketing strategy.

1.      Analyze your online presence

  • Make use of metrics to find out about the online presence. Like, the total count of visitors to the website, how many visitors are being directed by search engines? Etc
  • Find out ways how your website gets linked by other sites
  • Post original and fresh content
  • Rate yourself with your competitors
  • Ensure your standing on social networking sites

2.      Define, Identify and Analyze the target audience

  • Keep a tab on the target audience and check where the interaction takes place more
  • The kind of keywords used matter a lot
  • Focus on your audience needs and interests

 3.      Monitoring SMM Strategy

  • Do comment, react for users seeking clarifications or solve a query posted within 24 hours
  • Remember to post quality blog posts and tweets and it contain some value
  • The content posted should be good enough to get linked by other sites
  • Blog posts must be posted on regular basis to sustain attention

In order to get a good hold on Social Media Marketing, you need to ensure efficient execution and a quick response. The above mentioned tips will help you guarantee quick receptiveness and expert communication. Though the points look simple and easy to understand they do make a lot of difference when adopted.

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Social Media Marketing – What to Include?

Social Media Marketing refers to the method of attaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media comes in many forms, few popular ones to be listed are: blogs, microblogs, social networks, media-sharing sites, social bookmarking and review sites.

Whether you are a part of a small, medium or giant business or an individual entrepreneur, you can make use of social media in all means to promote your product/service. It costs almost nothing, it’s easy to get started and it can have an enormous financial impact on your business. If your customers and competitors are already involved in social media, now it’s your turn.

A good social media marketing portfolio includes an existence on various multimedia social sites. Let’s take a look at the essentials of a good social media marketing tactic.

There are a range of social media sites to create profiles and to connect with your audience directly. You can create a Facebook fan page and tweet or retweet using your Twitter account and also create your company’s profile on LinkedIn. The figures released by analysts reveal that the social media sites has more than 600 million active users and more than 50% of them log in daily for commenting or browsing. A Facebook fan page does have a lot of impact on reaching vigorous online audience. On the other hand, Twitter too has real time updates and noteworthy tweets. The tweets about a product/service are quickly read and responded by other users. Likewise even LinkedIn is accessed by various business professionals looking to connect and research for work and business. These are the major social media sites that help you gain traffic.

  • Blogs

Blog is a place where you can share news about almost everything and anything. It is a platform to talk about key issues like sharing personal experiences, giving away tips and strategies for business or sharing useful information about a product/service. Blogs are a great way of bringing traffic to your main website. To make the blog more effective and interesting, you have to post creative and relevant content, check and react to comments, generate internal links and build a community of loyal readers.

There are many media-sharing sites available, one of the most popular being YouTube. Such websites are not only popular but have created a whole new arena for multimedia interaction. Sharing and viewing videos is not just an activity but a great way for a company to share information/game videos/services. Many companies have found sharing attention-grabbing videos to be a great way of ensuring the interest of target audience.

The best way to attract more customers to your website/blogs/fan pages is by sharing interesting and relevant images that helps in creating long-term associations. The images can depict about your product launch, or any internal events or something related to the product. There are many websites like Flickr and Photobucket that allows you to share images/videos.

Slide Sharing is nothing but an alternative approach that directly appeals to the user’s needs. You can share useful information that can be used by others for their business. Good slides with valuable information will help you gain more users and traffic. The familiar websites to share presentations, slides and other reports are Slideshare and Scribd.

Do consider these points before you start using social media sites to market your product and services. These make a lot of impact on your business.

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