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Content on Social News and Bookmarking Sites – The Significance

Social News sites are websites that allow users to submit and vote on content from around the world. This voting activity actually helps isolate the most interesting links. The sites are very useful for marketers for generating buzz and traffic around specific campaigns or articles.

Social bookmarking sites are similar to social news sites, but the value presented to users is focused on allowing them to collect and store interesting links found and who may wish to revisit the same. In simple terms, Social news sites focus on delivering the latest news based on votes and bookmarking sites allows users to save links for future reference. These sites have certain elements that are useful to marketers.

Once you are connected to these sites, you should be more active and consistent in contributing. By doing this you will develop a reputation and other people will be more receptive to your stories. If you are a regular reader of blogs and news in your niche, you will be able to contribute major content.

The central action of interest to marketers on social news sites is voting. The number and quality of votes determine how popular your content is on the web. If your piece of content receives sufficient votes, the content will be promoted to a section of popular content.

On any social media voting site, the most important element of the content is the headline or the title. This has a great impact on how many votes a story gets and this factor leads to maximum number of readers. Good title gives the impression that the content that follows them is easy to digest, entertaining and valuable.  The title given should be eye-catching and provocative, but not misleading.

The ultimate goal of marketing on social news sites is to get your content listed as “popular”. Once a page has enough votes and is exposed to a larger audience, it will start an avalanche of increasing the number of visitors as well as bookmarks.

Certain users gain recognition and authority on the basis of the quality, consistency and longevity of their submissions. Each of the most well-known social news sites has its own audience likes and dislikes; and as site gains notoriety, it becomes increasingly difficult for content to go popular.

Things to Remember:

  • Social news and bookmarking sites are a great way to drive thousands of visitors and hundreds of links to a specific page
  • Write compelling title that tells visitors exactly what the content will offer
  • Use voting badges to make it easy to vote on your content
  • Consider the culture of each site and target your content appropriately

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Social Bookmarking – An Efficient Web Promotion Approach

We hope by now everyone is aware of the importance of SEO in gaining success through Internet. SEO includes ‘n’ number of ways to enhance the recognition of your website. Social Bookmarking is also one those easy and efficient methods used to promote your website across the Internet.

Social Bookmarking is a way of storing, organizing, allocating and searching bookmarks of web pages. The instant benefit of this is that we can access our bookmarked sites from any PC and even your smartphone. This approach helps you drive free, targeted traffic to your website. Even the best looking website is worth nothing if it gets no visitors. Social bookmarking is an alternate for those webmasters who cannot afford using Google adwords and other paid web services available online.

Social Bookmarking not only drives traffic to your website, but is also helps your site to get a better rank in search engines. The advantage is once the website is submitted, it is indexed almost instantly and also the content will be indexed.

Everyone needs a better perception about the working of social bookmarking; you must first realize its importance. Many people are well-known with the concept of social bookmarking but are not aware of using it as a very influential promotional strategy for driving excellent traffic to the website.

Why is social bookmarking being used?

It is a task of every webmaster to drive more and more traffic to the website. Social bookmarks nowadays are measured to be among the non-negligible sources of traffic.

  • Specific pages or entire sites can be bookmarked by the users across the globe.
  • Social bookmarking sites consumes less amount of time
  • Getting backlinks is pretty easy with social bookmarking
  • There will be an increase in the traffic
  • Webmasters can export, import, give remarks, add notes, email links, reviews, feed subscription, automatic notification, and create social networks and groups.

Before concluding lets me say that, social bookmarking is one of the simplest and a great way to get more traffic to your website. The benefits of online marketing through social bookmarking have proven to be exceptional over the years.

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