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Quantifying App Developments Costs and Benefits

As we all know cost and benefit go hand in hand, the very first part of the app cost/benefit process is to identify and quantify the costs associated with the app development. The app development costs fall into two categories: Fixed and Variable. The fixed costs include any expenses that are the same every month. Variable costs can include things such as expenses you might incur if you pay a developer to develop your app. This could normally range from $50 to $200.

In order to quantify your costs during the app development stage, the following steps will help you:

  • Make a list of all monetary costs you think you will incur during the development stage of your app.
  • Also make another list of all intangible costs that are likely to incur, which includes time required to develop an app, risks involved, lost time on other apps and so on.

Your next step in the cost/benefit analysis is to determine the expected benefits from the creation of your app. This is a little trickier than estimating the costs to build the app, but this step is a quite crucial part of the cost/benefit equation. Keep in mind app developers; you will be looking for monetary gains from your very first app. You will need to spend a little time estimating potential sales of your app.

In this case, many developers might offer a free app as a forerunner to another paid app or to demonstrate their skills and solutions in an effort to obtain consulting opportunities. Follow the below steps to quantify the anticipated monetary and nonmonetary benefits of your app:

  • Create a list for costs, which includes monetary and intangible benefits that will be realized with the creation of your app. The list consists of direct profit, additional investment, decreased production costs or building a solid app development reputation.
  • Next is to assign some monetary and non-monetary values to your list.

Now, with your evaluation of costs and benefits completed, you can now do a cost/benefit comparison, which is fairly easy. At this point, you can weigh your costs and benefits in your analysis to determine if it makes sense to build your app. Your outputs will be as good as your inputs. Your investment will commensurate with the quality of your results.

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The App Analysis on What it takes to break into the Appstore Top 100

While developing an app, you will certainly have too many doubts in your mind about it, whether the app will be liked, will it be listed in the top and so on. In order to know how people respond about your way, you can simply conduct a survey. You need a way to solicit opinion about your app, don’t just have your testers give you haphazard remarks and tell you what they think.

Develop the beta version and request the beta testers and experts to review your app, the level of gameplay, ease of use, graphics and so on. Ask them all possible questions and get their feedback. You can also request the users to rate the app on the survey to capture their suggestions.

It doesn’t hurt to ask your users to write a review for your app. You can even send Promocodes to experts to get a review about your app.

Develop Your Brand and Promote It Like Crazy

If you plan to develop quality apps (which you should), then you have to think about building a brand instead of just an app. There are many young development companies vying for a piece of spotlight in the app development world, and they are working diligently to build a brand.

Some of the benefits of building a brand are the following.

  • A brand allows you to build a bigger following as you reach a larger audience of iPhone and iPad app users across multiple apps.
  • A brand helps your company attract venture capital if you achieve success with a best seller and desire to grow your business into a large scale business
  • A brand allows you to cross promote your apps across your user base
  • A brand allows you to concentrate development efforts where needed to efficiently produce your next best-selling app
  • It also helps you develop other products outside of iPhone/iPad such as for MAC or PC

Getting chosen for one of the categories like New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot or Staff Picks is not in our depends. It does take time for users, experts to rate and review the app depending on the gameplay, popularity and the number of downloads. If you can stand out in the crowd to get someone to look at your app, you have a shot at being selected for one of their special categories.

Remember, the Apple reviewers are much like your buyers. They will be interested in an app that has a compelling value proposition with exciting graphics, easy to understand with great gameplay. If your app has some of these characteristics, you are more likely to attract the attention of a reviewer.


Just follow these simple steps to attain success with your app and to build a brand. It takes more time and effort but it certainly improves your odds of having that breakout app.

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