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The Influence of Building a Community

Your customers should be your biggest fans – and you should treat them well to keep them coming back as well as recommending and using your apps. Maintaining an accurate user list or having a way to reach out to your customers is imperative to a successful customer-retention program. Selling to an existing customer is far easier and less expensive than obtaining a new one.

Create targeted email campaigns, leverage the list and do the following:

  • Feature app promotions you may want to offer
  • Provide cross-sell opportunities with other apps you may implement
  • Offer answers to common app questions
  • Server up tips and secret features of your app
  • Show leader boards for high scores if you are selling a game

Treating your customers as if they’re valued will guarantee a loyal customer base for years to come. Establishing communities allows you to maintain contact with your database on a frequent basis. Having customers register for a blog (RSS feed) is another great way to build your list.

Another way to build a sense of community is to tie your app from the user to the developer by allowing interaction or communication from the users. Some apps lend themselves well to developing a community. Look carefully at your app and consider ways that you can create a strong sense of community. The more you interact with your buyers, the more likely they will come back and buy more of your upgrades or apps from you. For example, for certain game apps, you can create a leader board. The top 3 or 5 leaders can submit their scores to your app website, thus drawing people over to your site and creating a sense of community.

Consider one company has developed an app that helps you quiz yourself on science questions. You can then compare your scores against those in the user community to see how well you rank. This type of interaction with the outside user base helps establish a strong sense of community and links back to the company website, as well as give the user a sense that a real person is answering questions and giving personal advice.

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