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Significance of Article Marketing and Video Marketing

Every day we come across various techniques to promote our product/service. Experts talk about Email Marketing, Traffic generation, Keywords, Blogs, Social Media etc to gain success. But have you ever thought apart from the regular marketing activities, what else can be done to get recognition and popularity. No right, so today let’s share few guidelines on Article and Video Marketing.

Article Marketing, if done correctly, is an easy and free way to drive traffic to your site. Most likely, you have plenty of content about your business/product compiled in articles, blog posts and other media. (If you haven’t, now is a good time to start creating a few).

You can put your content/ideas into article form and distribute it to free article- hosting sites. As an author, you will normally get a by-line that includes your name, bio, and a link to your website. With this you will get instant credibility, exposure, and a little help with your search engine ranking too.

So start compiling your content into articles that will be ready for distribution. Each hosting site has different requirements, so you may need to tweak the articles just a bit to make them work. One thing should remain constant; however keep one thing in mind, “Don’t sell in these articles”. All you have to do is inform, educate, entertain and then send users/readers to your site to learn more.

Few popular article sites to name:




Coming to Video Marketing, this is one of the means to simply publish your message online in the form of videos. Videos could be just about anything – a product demo, a gameplay trailer, a promotional campaign or your company/product highlights.

These videos don’t have to be professionally made – even inexpensive cameras will work. The key point is here to create buzz around your video. If it is interesting, funny, relevant or unique in a way, it will definitely get more traffic and views. So get creative and start creating videos.

Once the video is done, upload it to YouTube, a well-known media sharing site. Be sure to include the description and relevant keywords and link back the video to your website. You can also promote the video on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter etc and encourage others to share it as well.

A simple video can dramatically increase your exposure on the Internet and help drive more traffic to your website.

Take some time to research on this and we are sure it will be helpful in many ways to generate leads to your website.

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