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Limited Time Offer!!! Board & Card Games for FREE on Appstore

Dear Apple Gamebuffs,

Take a look at the well-known Board and Card Games by i-Life Mobitech and download them right away.

The games will keep you hooked for a long time with loads of surprises. The Board and Card games are now available for FREE on Appstore. So hurry up… Grab them soon…

1. Jewel Blast

Jewel Blast is a crazy gem game, once played, you will have a hard time letting it go.

Ultimately, the simple game winds up into different kinds of challenges. The game is mesmerizing enough on its on merits, and while playing it you’ll find the hours pass surprisingly fast.


2. Flip Lips

Get Wonder-struck with the combination of game play…! So many different combinations to keep you sitting at the edge of the seat..! You will hardly find any game similar to Flip Lips with these many combinations to play on Appstore.

Flip Lips for iOS is a logical puzzle designed to make you think with every move you make.

3. Magic Digits

Magic Digits is a popular puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. The objective of the game is to arrange four or more consecutive or same digits in series like 1,2,3,4 or like 4,4,4,4 in straight or cross pattern. It is the best way to make your kids learn numbers as well as number sequencing, easily.


4. 5 in 1 Line

Puzzle games are a new way of combining challenge and excitement at a  time. Our goal has always been to provide the best in everything. Our latest release “5 in 1 Line” puzzle game is here to entertain you throughout. The game is exciting and challenging at the same time.

5 in 1 Line is an ideal game to kill your boredom.

5. Vegas Poker 

Do you love casino games? You are screens away from your favorite casino game…Vegas Poker..! If Yes Vegas Poker game is now available for iOS.This is a great poker game where you can bet big and not have to worry about paying a cent.

Vegas Poker belongs to the family of card games that share betting rules.


6. Super Spider Solitaire

The Super Spider Solitaire card game is the king of all solitaire games. You must be skilled at manipulating the cards to play this game. Spider Solitaire is similar to other types of solitaire (klondike, patience, etc.)

This solitaire uses two decks (104 cards). The tableau consists of 10 piles; the first four containing 6 cards each, and the last six containing 5 cards each.

For more information on Games & Apps, visit: i-Life Website 



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A bunch of Free Arcade Games – Offer valid till 20th December 2012

Play some of the best Arcade Games and leave your comments about the games.

Break away from the mundane with plenty of Arcade Games from i-Life Mobitech. We have a good collection of Arcade Games for you to download and enjoy.

1. Cannon Shooter

Cannon Shoot is a simple and classic shooting game to kill your boredom. Cannon Shoot comes with a new twist to test your analytic and shooting skills.

Your goal in this game is to destroy the structures and bring it to rubbles below the marked level using the Cannon muzzle.


2. Doodle Hanger

Experience the art of slide and glide with “Doodle Hanger”. 

Launching monkey from one ceiling to another has never been this fun! Tilt your device and let the monkey swing into action. Hook and release the rope to navigate its way towards the target line.

Doodle Hanger is a simple but addictive skill game.

3. Tiny Horse

Gear up and get ready for some non-stop fun!!!

Enter a brilliant high definition world of revolution, mystery, and adventure as you get ready to experience the journey of your life with “Tiny Horse”.

Tiny Horse offers a uniquely surprising and wacky experience every single time you play. Gallop away to glory with Tiny Horse.

4. Cut the Chain

Cut the Chain is a game with simple game play. Aim the ball wisely and shoot precisely to dislodge the chain link of similar colored balls. Cut the Chain link by matching 3 or more balls of the same color in the chain.

Be careful, if the chain reaches the ground, then you have to start all over again.


5. Nuclear Ragdoll

Nuclear Ragdoll is an absolutely action packed game for your iPad to test your aiming skills. Nuclear Ragdoll is developed to keep you hooked for hours with great entertainment.

Quick reflexes, observation and aiming is required for hitting the target by using cannons in order to shoot the ragdolls. In each level obstacles varies and you have unlimited number of ragdolls.

6. Solo Ski

Gear up infinite patience and courage to set out on an endless skiing adventure!!!

In this game you can become a skiing master. Draw the path and control yourself to keep balance and escape from some dangerous obstacles. Even having fun in skiing is not as easy as you think. Solo Ski will give you a difficult time!

7. Apple Fall

With the help of a cute monkey, embark on an exciting journey in search of apples.

Launch the monkey from atop the hill and help it hit the apple and make it fall. Tap anywhere on the screen to create an impulse to make the monkey fall or fly in the air. The longer you hold, greater the impulse is generated.


8. Kamikaze Bombers

Do you need a fresh addictive game on your device? Challenge your finger-brain reflex mechanism with this new physics immense game play.

Kamikaze Bombers is a variant brain challenging physics game like no other, where you have to dislodge all the blocks from the platform.

The objective of the game is to tap on blocks or besides them to cause explosion and expel the blocks from the platform in limited number of moves.

9. DX-Ball

Amaze yourself with the explosive actions of breakout-style game and get your feet wet with this amazing game.

DX-Ball game is all about breaking the brick. It has both touch and accelerometer control which makes it even more interesting while playing the game. The objective of the game is to bounce the ball and break the bricks around the screen with the help of the bar.

10. Orange Polo

Orange Polo is beyond doubt a game for everyone. This game will pose plenty of challenges for players who want to build up their nimbleness, gaming strategy, competitive skills. Roll the Orange on the pathway with the edges exposed to forest below. Slide the Orange on the defined paths and meet the other fruits en-route.


Have Fun!!!!




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Free Action & Adventure Games for limited period!!!

i-Life Mobitech is glad to give away free games for all the Apple Game Fans out there.

Christmas and New Year is round the corner, so gear up to download the popular games of the season. Check out the Top Games and we assure you will have a great time playing them.


1. Halloween    

Halloween is tour de force that will captivate your wildest gaming experience. This is a brain teasing physics game just made for complete entertainment. The game play is simple, but intelligent logic plays a great role in completing this game.



2. Apple Shooting 

Apple Shooting is an excellent shooting game in which you have to shoot the apple placed on your friend’s head. Aim cleverly and shoot accurately, don’t end up hurting your friend. As you progress in the game, there are more challenges ahead of you and the game gets harder to complete.


3. Apple Shooting Colors

Featuring 7 Stages with 7 levels in each Stage to clear, Apple Shooting Colors has got exciting gameplay and richer graphics designed specially for your iDevice, also retaining the same original style.

So get ready to immerse yourself in this archery based shooting game.


4. Path Runner

Path Runner is an adventurous game designed to challenge your run through hazardous levels.

You need to run avoiding the dangerous obstacles and move to higher levels. The game looks very easy,but it’s quite a challenge when you start playing it.


5. Chicken & Eggs

Chicken and Eggs are ready to create a havoc, enter the kill zone to crush them using your skills.

Strike a balance to make the Chicken and Eggs vanish in this haute strategy game. Use your skills to uncork some fun in this exciting game.

The fun is contagious in Chicken and Eggs as it is an ideal game to play during boredom.

6. Meet You

Meet You is an amazing arcade game, full of adventure and fun filled  challenge. Billy and Gilly are two snails who keep looking out for each other in the game play. Billy finds a lot of obstacles on his way to meet his friend Gilly and vice-versa.

The game play can extend from simple to extremely complex levels and will pose a great challenge for you.

7. Crazy Monkey

Now here’s a game which is all about that! ‘Crazy Monkey!’ Crazy Monkey is a unique game where sky is not even the limit.

The game is highly addictive as there is no vertical limit to it. Crazy Monkey is a game with beautiful graphics, different challenges and bonuses, and most importantly, it’s about a Monkey!


8. Cat & Mice

No more spending countless time chasing the mice to save the cheese. We present to you “Cat & Mice”, a freaky game, which promises to offer plenty of fun.

The objective is to shoot away all the mice present on the screen with the help of your pet cat. With unlimited bombs and limited time, make sure you destroy all the mice.

9. Hitman

The great Hitman has always been successful in eliminating the enemies. You have always taken the pride of saving others life, now give your best to save your own life.

Shoot out enemies with unlimited number of bullets and prove your worth. Get rid of all the enemies in each stage to progress further. Also, collect bonus items like stars to score more points.

10. Apple Shooting Reloaded

Gear up for the action-packed game, take aim at the designated target and get your perfect hit. Apple Shooting Reloaded with crisp graphics and engaging gameplay leaves you fascinated throughout the game.

The game is simple yet challenging, and smooth controls, makes it easy to play. It is a game designed for everyone.

11. Wild Caves

Cave man is trying to recover his lost caves from the invasion of animals. Fire powered balls is the only weapon Caveman can use to launch an attack on these ferocious animals or enemies. Firepower usage is limited to each level, so will you be able to help the Caveman to regain access to his caves.



For more details, visit: i-Life Mobitech




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Permeative Popular Games For Free Your I Devices! Today Offer Only!!!

Permative popular games now free available on appstore. Apps have made by games category on appstore.  free for a limited time . Grab the apps for FREE download.

School of Maths 

Target Audience – This application is intended to teach basic Maths to kids in the age range of 5-8 years. Parents and Trainers – This application is fun to teach your kids all about basic Mathematics to help them play with numbers and improve their numerical skills.

Learning basic Math has never been more fun. You will love to see your children making progress in their arithmetic skills while being entertained.

Game Download Link For iPhone and iPad

Memory Machine

Building and boosting memory at a very young age has its own advantage. We are not talking about any drugs or medicine to improve your children’s memory. The best way to improve is to give them task that will increase their reasoning power, thereby boosting their memory with games that are of their interest.

Game Features

  • Memory boosting activities
  • Cute animations and sound
  • Different categories to learn
  • No time limit

For More Details About This Game For iPhone and iPad 

Rabbit Buster

Rabbit Buster is a game that will keep you hinged to your I Devices.  Be it, game play or logic, it will keep your brain rattling for every move you make. How would you feel to catch a rabbit out there in the wild…?  It’s not just thrilling but it is also tricky to catch a rabbit in the wild, even the best hunters go crazy at the wit of the Rabbit.

A crazy rabbit is out there to destroy your crop, and you need to trap it before it escapes into the wild. The game play is very intelligently programmed to keep it challenging for both, Rabbit and you.

Game Download Link For iPhone and iPad

Hello Hangman

Hangman is a very popular word guessing game specially designed for everyone. It is also an educational application where you can improve your vocabulary.

Hello Hangman is unique in its presentation of gameplay. There are 11 different choice to select your game play. It automatically selects a random word from a large number of word list! This means that you will almost never get the same word. It is a classic game, but now has a fun twist!

Game Download Link For iPhone and iPad

Ultimate Fighters

Ultimate Fighter is a 3D First Person Shooter game. There are 5 fun filled levels, where the objective is to destroy the enemies/aliens, who have captured your snow-land territory (hence have gained points). You need to get their score to Zero to finish a level.

This can be done either by killing enemies or by collecting crystals in the Game. Player can kill enemies with grenades. A max of 15 grenades can be held by a player. Beware aliens have flamethrower/grenades with them.

For Further More Information about This Game For iPhone 

Games 4 Free

What is Games 4 Free?

Games 4 free, is a totally new style of finding out all the apps that are free. The application opens up with a list of completely free apps. The main screen contains 5 different tabs namely: Featured, Top Free, Recommended, Wish list and Search. The list also contains the games that were initially paid, but are now free. Against each app, there lies a “free download “option that can be utilized to download the app.

For More Details About This Game For iPhone

For More Details About This Games and Permeative Free Games – Check Our Web Site Permeative Technologies

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WhatsFreeiniOS.com – A free blog site towards a free app to iOS devices.

Ever noticed which apps are available for free on Appstore or would you be interested in getting the free apps notifications? WhatsFreeiniOS.com is the key for your crisis. Whatsfreeinios.com is a website where you get complete information on the applications that are exclusively free. This website has proved its expertise in giving information on apps which were initially paid, but now are free. Once the paid apps turns free, they are immediately displayed on this website. Download many free apps by just one click to your iOS device.

It will exhibit all free apps in terms of categories like games, productivity, navigation, entertainment, business, sports, music, utilities, travel, lifestyle, healthcare & fitness, education, books, medical, news, reference, photography, weather, social networking and finance. You can select your favorite category by just one click and you will get a list of free apps, you can choose your preferred app to download. You can also have an option to select the apps based on iPhone and iPad. Get information on recommended apps as well. Search the paid apps which turn free on search bar based on title & artist. It is a free website that you can access from your Apple device also you need not get registered to download your preferred app. It will even exhibit the featured apps. Whats free in iOS will present you the apps in several kinds like Home, recommended apps, free Games, and Top free apps.

Home:  Will exhibit the apps in all sections, choose according to each section and also choose “ALL” option where you will get a list of Apps combining all groups.

Recommended Apps: Gives you a list of recommended apps that have turned absolutely free.

Top Free Apps: This tab reveals the top new free apps exclusively for your iPhone or iPad.

No need of browsing for free apps since you have WhatsFreeiniOS.com. So just check out this website and share it on your social sites..!

For further information about the site, then refer this – whatsfreeinios.com

Check this Whats free in iOS fan page – http://www.facebook.com/WhatsFreeIniOS





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