Social Media Marketing: 5 Keys to promote your brand

Understanding how people discover, assume and correspond is the key to create successful marketing through social media.

 Here are the 5 keys to form your social media marketing strategy:

1.      Identify your outcome

This is probably the most vital feature of your social media strategy. It covers all the elements starting from what you are trying to achieve, the outcome, sales, promotion, lead generation, branding and so on. Social media is vastly used by almost all corporate brands since it is cost-effective.

2.      Focus on your audience’s needs

If you want to sell your product across social media, you must focus on your customer’s needs, do a research, solve the issues if any and filter out the target audience to sell your product.

3.      Execute measurable ROI

Measuring ROI is slightly difficult to do because social media is still a relatively new medium and remains largely unverified. The best way out is to measure the time spent versus the result you are able to compute such as inbound traffic, click throughs, impressions, remarks, fans, followers, subscribers, and ask how prospects find you.

4.      Actively participate in discussion groups

If you have something worthy to proffer, you must reach out to people to make them know. Join discussions and take part in forums, this will bring you opportunities to brand yourself and create alertness in the form of productive advertising.

5.      Combine online and offline social networking

Though offline marketing is time consuming, it is more effective when compared to online marketing. It is also more powerful than 140 words in a tweet or a two liner comment in Facebook.

It also encourages word-of-mouth marketing which is by far the most efficient marketing tool today.

Therefore ideally you have to keep doing what works and discover innovative ways to build up your connection with your audiences.

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