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Summer 2007 saw the first introduction of the new generation of mobile phones, in the form of the Apple iPhone. This phone is only 4.5 inches, and weighs just 5 ounces, but it offers users a whole range of features. Not only this, but video tutorials have been developed that allow users to learn how to make the most of this device.

There are many features that can benefit your business in the iPhone, including call conferencing, call holding, caller ID and even integrating your calls with other cell phone networks. There are voicemail listings without you having ton access the voicemail, and you can choose the messages you want to listen to rather than listening sequentially.

Ringtones are extremely popular, and it only took Apple a few months before they upgraded the ringtone functions of the iPhone. They partnered with the popular iTunes to allow users to create their own custom ringtones from songs they had previously purchased. Not only are these used for incoming calls, but they can also be used for associated features including alarms.

Text messaging is extremely easy when using the iPhone, which makes use of a touch screen virtual keyboard. This text program is made more accurate due to the fact that is has an advanced predictive memory as well as an automatic spell check. It even has a dictionary to help you add words and to help make your iPhone smarter! This virtual keyboard is a little larger than previous releases so that it can be more accurate and best used in the landscape position.

One of the most useful features of the Apple iPhone is that it has the capability to access your email through both POP3 and IMAP. You can use programs made by Yahoo and Gmail to access your accounts from the iPhone, and can also connect to Microsoft Outlook and Entourage. When using the email functions you will be able to receive emails in HTML format as well as graphics and photographs that are either embedded into the incoming or the outgoing mail. PDF files, as well as Word and Excel documents, can be viewed on the screen making it a great portable device!

Pictures can often be worth so much more than words, which is why the two megapixel camera that comes with the iPhone is so valuable. The output from the camera can be copied directly to an email for ease of use. However, there are no video camera options.

The iPhone was originally released with the SIM card locked into the AT&T network. However, hackers soon found a way to unlock the phone so that it can be used on other networks, and many of the iPhones not used are not registered to the AT&T network anymore. You will even still be able to access web functions and multimedia if you are not on this network.

All of these features combined make the Apple iPhone an extremely powerful business tool. There are so many more features to talk about, which is why the iPhone has been named the Time magazine’s Invention of the Year. It continues to outsell all of the competition.

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Author: Vela Paan
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