iPhone and iPad App/Game Developers – Who are your Competitors?

Competition in any business can be defined as “the attempt of two or more parties acting in parallel to secure the big business by offering the flattering terms”. Competition gives consumers greater selection and better products at better prices. It is important to understand that competition should not be viewed as a bad thing. Competition always establishes a market and drives interest around your product/service/app. The same holds true for apps on the Appstore.

Understanding your competition is one of the most critical, yet misunderstood aspects of marketing and applies equally iPhone/iPad      app marketing. Even if you have not started developing your iPhone/iPad app, you should survey the Appstore and look at the competition to see what you’re up against. Do you think you’ve thought of the perfect iPhone/iPad app? Check the Appstore to see what’s already been built in that category. I can almost guarantee that there is a similar app to what you are building or plan to build.

Chances are there that many competitors out there are with the same or similar applications. This is not said to discourage you but to emphasize the point that you must take a close look at the competition. Every business/company has to pass through many stages to become a successful one. It all depends on the marketing plan and the execution to make your stand in the market.

Even if you do create a truly unique application and your app shows signs of success, then you will not be the only one offering that type of app for very long. Other companies and developers will definitely follow success. Rather than fearing the competition, learn to understand your competitors to leverage their success and not their failures. New Competitions will enter the market everyday and if you do not keep a watchful eye on your competitors, you will be allowing others to displace others.

The first and foremost marketing test of any business, small or large, is to understand how unique you are when compared to your competitors. Always keep in mind; your competition can be leveraged to aid your marketing efforts. There’s no shame in copying “good idea” – especially if it works. You can still be assured that your competitors will be watching you too closely. With a clear value proposition for your app, you can confidently promote your app to communities across the Internet.

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