How to Download Paid Games 4 Free on your iPhone?

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There is always a hunt for the top free games and also the most popular ones in the list. The demand for FREE games is always on a rise. Also there is constant competition among the game developers to list their apps and games in Top 200. Well, who makes it to the Top is a different aspect.

But checking out each and every game on the list is certainly a tedious process. Isn’t it?

To make you contented, there is now an app in iTunes Appstore that is absolutely free to download, Games 4 Free (Paid Games 4 Free). With the advent of this, you can happily bid goodbye to all the other ineffective ways of finding free apps.

A sneak peek of Games 4 Free….

Games for Free

Games for Free

Games 4 Free is a one stop solution to find out all the free games on Appstore. This application not only lists the free games but also the paid ones available for free. The list gets updated on an hourly basis and hence it displays even the recently updated ones. You can download the one that you like by simply tapping on the “Free Download” button next to it.

Features of Games 4 Free, this application consists of five tabs at the bottom of the screen namely:

Featured, Top Free, Recommended, Wishlist and Search. These tabs help you in optimizing the search and let you download the required game easily by providing the list of games featured under similar names or categories.

The Featured Tabs

ü  Featured: Pops up a list of basic games that a gamer can start with

ü  Top Free: This tab introduces a list of top free games available

ü  Recommended: Gives you a list of all the popular, favorite and most desirable games in the list

ü  Wish list: Lets you tap on a particular game and save it to the wish list .This can later be used to download your game. Let’s you gain instant access without having to search for the game again

ü  Search: Helps you to search about a particular game

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Games 4 Free is an ideal app to gain all the information about free games. This cool app gathers and lists out all the free games in the Appstore. It saves your time and money by avoiding the need to access the iTunes and search for free game versions. One more interesting feature about this app is that it automatically restricts the paid games completely and removes them as soon as they are changed to paid ones by the corresponding iPhone developer. It is as interesting and useful to have it as it sounds. It helps you download what you like directly from itself with the download option than visiting the Appstore every now and then.

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