How to Access birthdays quickly with Siri?

siri, birthday reminder

Apple’s digital personal assistant Siri has been helping us with our daily chores more than a person could have helped us with. Siri has been successful in surprising us every day with its capabilities. Here is one more feature of siri which helps in keeping you updated about your near and dear one’s birthdays. Here is a fast way to find out birthdays with siri helping you. If you have a birthday recorder in your calendar, siri will help you to retrieve it within seconds. All you have to do is,

Press the home button until the virtual assistant pops up.

Ask Siri “When is [name]’s birthday”

Siri will answer to you.

The names can include relationships or proper names. However make sure you have added the relationship in your contacts.

Now there is no chance to forget your dear ones birthdays. Thanks to siri again.


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