Free Games for Puzzle Game Fans on Appstore!!

Try our very known Puzzle cum Strategy games. Give some work to your brain while playing the best collection of Puzzle games. The exciting games will make you smarter every time you play them.

Download, play and enjoy….

1. Dots Pro

A popular game for all ages, this game has been there from your school days, college and now on your iPad too..! The game is very simple but very interesting to play.

You need to connect 2 dots to form a line, you opponent will draw a line when it is his turn. Follow you opponent’s move to form a square, finally if your count of square is more than your opponent, you win.

2. Hello Idiot

“ HELLO IDIOT ” is a very tactical game to test your responsiveness and wit. This game is really humorous. We have developed this game mainly to test the sense of wit. All you need is to be smart enough to carry out the simple tasks we have in store for you.

This game includes numerous things in every stage that has to be collected in order to finish the levels. You have to collect the things just by tapping on the items the number of times it appears on the screen.

3. Jack n Jill & Jack n Jill Plus

Help Jack and Jill find their way to each other by connecting the broken path which is separating them from each other. In this Island Challenge, though the clear blue waters, scenic Beauty and the beautiful enchanting music of the island are likely to distract you, but, the idea is to remain focused. Just connect the path and help them across.

You have to complete the level within the specified time. If you fail to do so then the game is over! So be careful and All the best!

4. Mr.Pencil

Mr. Pencil is an addictive puzzle game.      

The objective of this game is to highlight the area of the screen using Mr Pencil to expose the background image. You can do that by drawing lines on the screen slicing it into small blocks. As you slice the screen into small blocks, the hidden background image starts to appear in the area exposed. The challenge here is to avoid coming in contact with the eraser or other malicious enemies wandering on the screen.

5. i-Life Scramble Twist

Scramble Twist too is fun and challenging puzzle game. It is an ideal app for toddlers and adults alike to develop their logical thinking skills. It is an amazing way to keep everyone engaged for a long time.

The game objective is straightforward. All you got to do is place the jumbled numbers, shapes and images in an order. Though the logic looks simple, it will surely make your time fly.

 6. Brain Machine

Brain Machine will fine tune your logical thinking and improve your mathematical skills. This game is designed to provide challenges involving mathematical thinking and reasoning. Its not just educative but also a good entertainer for all ages.

Brain Machine is nothing but solving the simple math problems.

Hope you will have a great time solving the puzzles. We will be back with more…

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