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Last time, when we wrote about how to consumerize enterprise mobile software , our readers wanted to know more about how mobile platforms and applications can help specifically for enterprises. We are covering the same in this blog post.

Your work PC (even your laptop) is not irrelevant yet, but it will be soon. Sales of internet connected mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and even e-readers have surpassed the sales of laptop, notebooks and desktops. By 2015, the worldwide mobile app market is going to quadruple  from about $7 billion to about $25 billion. Mobile applications for enterprise (both native and web applications specific for mobile) are the future. That’s the way employees are going to interact with your company and your customers.

Decision makers, initially are slow to this emerging enterprise mobile trend, but are now seeing that these tools increase productivity, reduce paperwork and increase revenue in ways other traditional devices like PC’s can not. It is time for businesses to go mobile. Just as we can not imagine or recall how business was ever conducted with out e-mail, in two or three years, we can not imagine how business was ever conducted  with out mobile and mobile applications. Enterprises and businesses can transform their business processes and practices by making use apps that can tap into many advanced features already available in smartphones and tablets like camera, location, compass, gyroscope, Near-Field Communication (NFC) and other bio-metric sensors.

Many of the traditional enterprise apps are not mobile. Enterprise vendors have rushed to put together some limited apps that work on selected devices but in general these apps are very limited in function and in some cases very light on experience especially when compared to the mobile apps that are available for the iPhone and Android devices from the consumer side. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great business point mobile enterprise solutions for individual productivity or maybe even for group use, but those don’t connect to the enterprise business systems. Today mobile business apps generally offer up the most common mobile tasks like time and expense, approvals, email, and maybe some limited collaboration but they’re not replacements for laptop and desktop apps. Mobile employees need full enterprise functionality but often end up frustrated and lugging around brick notebooks because of it. Enterprise vendors are struggling to get more functionality mobilized and at the same time make some money at it and most mobile applications have been add-ons for existing customers at little or no charge (of course that’s no surprise, if the features aren’t there who’d pay for those apps anyway).

There’s a movement in the enterprise to approach the way devices are purchased and provided to employees. I’ve spoken with several CIO’s that are moving to an allowance approach for employees instead of providing mobile devices. This policy change provides a set amount to employees and let’s them choose the mobile device they want, usually with some boundaries though. The program applies to tables and smart phones and give control to the individual. It can boost productivity as employees choose the tools they feel most comfortable with and can improve morale by creating a sense of empowerment. The policy can also be a money saver for the company or at worst break even. I think this approach makes a lot of sense in a rapidly changing tech environment with employees taking a much more empowered stance and will see much wider use in the future.

How Permeative can help you ?

Whether you own and operate your own small business or work in a large enterprise company, we can provide you with the right application and support for your mobile business needs. We offer a single point of contact for professional and integration services, with a single contract and bill from Permeative. We helped a number of customers mobilize their organizations to help increase agility, responsiveness and profit potential. Whatever your industry, size or goals, we have the expertise, tools, network and support to help you reinvent the way you conduct business.

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