Email Marketing – How to attract prospects?

There are a myriad of ways to attract prospects to opt-in to a database. An email sign-up form on a company website is vital. Visitors to a website have already expressed an interest in a company by clicking through the website – this is an opportunity to develop that interest further. Following the same principle, any other properties where newsletter sign up can be promoted should be taken advantage of.Few best practices sign-up forms can offer:

  • Put the form where it can be seen – above the fold and on every page
  • State your anti-spam stance explicitly, and be clear about how you value subscribers’ privacy
  • Use a clear Call to Action
  • Tell customers what they will get, and how often they will get it. Include a benefit statement

Every interaction can be used to ask permission to send emails:

  • Offer something valuable for free, and ask if they would sign up to your newsletter at the same time
  • Use interactions at trade shows to ask for email addresses
  • Ask for email addresses in-store
  • Call out your email campaign on the social media networks, and link through to your subscription form

Gaining explicit permission to send emails to a person is a prerequisite for successful email marketing, however all emails sent by an organization and the individuals can be seen as marketing opportunities.However, with the increasing number of companies and individuals using email marketing, many consumers are email fatigued. It requires ingenuity, focus and dedication to maintain an email database and consistently deliver useful quality emails that will be read.

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