Email Marketing – How it Works

If you consider marketing as communicating with current and potential customers, you will see that every email sent from your organization should be considered part of your email marketing plan.

Think about as many ways as you can to establish a contact:

Transaction emails: When you request a quote, submit a contact form or seek financial advice there will be a number of emails you may receive. Should you need to communicate with a brand, you will no doubt need to send an email back.

Newsletters: These are emails sent to provide information and keep customers informed. They do not necessarily carry an overt promotion, but instead ensure that a customer is in regular contact with the brand.

Let’s talk about the two types of commercial emails:

Promotional emails: These are more direct and are geared at enticing the user to take an immediate action.

Retention based emails: It is also referred to as newsletters; these may include promotional messages but should be focused on providing information of value to the user, geared at building a long-term relationship with the user.

As with all digital marketing activities, careful planning is needed, as well as proper testing and evaluating, so as to optimize the revenue. Email marketing may be highly cost-effective, but the cost of getting it wrong can be very high indeed.

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