Email Marketing – Getting Started

Running a successful email campaign requires that a business has a genuine opt-in database. This database, the list of subscribers who have agreed to allow a company to send them emails with marketing messages, is the most valuable asset of an email campaign.

Permission must be explicitly given by all people to whom emails are sent. Companies that abuse this can put their reputation in jeopardy, and in many countries, legal action can be taken against companies that send unsolicited bulk email – also known as spam.

Growing this database, while keeping it targeted, is a factor in any email campaign.

The database need only have one entry – the prospect’s email. The following points should be considered as a part of the campaign:

  • Name, surname and title
  • Data permission granted
  • Source of permission
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Telephone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Frequency (how often they’d like to hear from you)

However, don’t be tempted to ask for more information than required. The more information a marketer can gather, the better marketing messages can be customized. However, the more information a prospect is required to give, the less likely a sign up will occur. Further information can be requested over a period of time.


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