Big Wins, Steady Wins and No Wins of App Marketing Strategies

The Appstore is not a seamless independent platform and never will be. No matter how many changes Apple makes to the Appstore, there will always be unhappy participants. So, you can whine about what’s wrong or you can figure out how to work the system to your best advantage.

If you haven’t started developing your iPhone/iPad app, then you are at an important decision-making point. Making strategy decision now will help you make important marketing decisions as you get closer to launch. Having clear and realistic expectations of where your app will be positioned on the Appstore gives your app purpose and will help you avoid the No Win Bucket.

You being the developer must know that, iPhone and iPad apps fall into one of the three categories such as: Big Wins, Steady Wins and No Wins. Every other developer tends to go after Big Wins. However, they would be wise to look closely at the Steady Wins category of selling as this affords the best opportunity for most developers. Good marketing can certainly make a difference between no revenue (No Win) and steady revenue (Steady Win).

Decide now what your app selling strategy is going to be and you will have an easier time defining a marketing plan and sticking with it. It will save you a lot of heartburn too if you look realistically at your app and its market and set realistic expectations on your success.

For those of you who think you have got an app lost in the No Win bin, it’s never too late! You can definitely resurrect your app from the No Win status to the Steady Wins status as long as your app is well written, has a strong premise and gets some marketing.

Kindly post your comments and let us know what you feel. Suggestions are always welcome.

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