Apps Marketing Strategy – The Tug of war

As a smartphone app developer, you want to strike it rich by selling your app to millions of customers, or at least to tens of thousands of customers, to make your hard work pay off. Other equally ambitious developers hope to achieve a steady income and perhaps write apps full time and leave their full-time jobs behind. While these goals are possible, it has become much more difficult over the past years to achieve such success.

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There are several reasons. First, the sheer number of apps that are available for sale on the Appstore has made it much more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Instead of just a few similar apps in the category, there are likely thousands, even thousands, vying for the buyer’s attention. Keep in mind that you are competing against free and paid apps, some brilliantly written and some not even worth giving away.

Secondly, the intense pricing pressure causes developers to start off at a low price or quickly drop their price to a merely average price tag, a figure that makes it extremely difficult to break even much less make any profit.

The sheer number of competing apps may seem daunting; however, these statistics are not presented to be discouraging. Rather, it is make you aware and to point out that the Appstore has grown in all terms within a short span of time and you have to develop a solid marketing strategy to realize success.

The Appstore is not running on Internet time, it’s on mobile time! Your marketing strategy also has to be tuned to work with your buyer.

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