Alert!!! Losing Data & Social Media Conversations is at risk

The first question that pops up to our mind when we talk about social media is, are we keeping a track of all the leads and conversations going on social media. If you own a company or product with active online customers and prospects then your Twitter feed must be full of interactions and you will be gaining more and more fans on Facebook daily. But are you really concerned about securing your social media data online? If you are strong competitor then, how important are your social marketing channels to your business?

The vital thing here is to identify the most critical social media channel. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, LinkedIn and many others continue to emerge as powerful personal and business branding channels. So depending on your business and audiences chances are more to create important business building conversations here.

Whichever channel is driving more traffic be in Facebook fan page, Twitter or your blog – put more efforts to improve your overall marketing capabilities.

Everything goes hand in hand here, if there is increase in traffic from social media to your website, naturally, there is an increase in social media fans and followers. But you should take care of the most critical element “managing your data and conversations” if you are depending heavily on marketing through social media channels.

It is pretty amazing to see that more than 30 percent of data loss is due to user error. An employee/user may accidentally delete a tweet that was important for a product promotion. Also what if a Facebook post got deleted by mistake, there will be no chance of recovery and this actually happens quite often.

Now a question arises, firstly, “How to create backups if something goes wrong?”

Secondly, you might end up losing important customers and clients if you had conversation online and that has not been saved. Coming to the next one, you need to think about the lifetime value of your customary data. Most marketers today are re-determining their customer cost of acquisition and lifetime value are due to the changes in marketing channels they are using. So when you lose valuable information about a customer, the value of a customer diminishes as well.

Many people are realizing the importance of archiving their online data on social media. Companies also need to archive their communications on social media for record retention and compliance reasons. Without a backup and archive of the information might leave the companies in middle of nowhere.

This piece of information gives you an idea about the importance of online data. So keep on tweeting, share posts on Facebook and blog but implement methods to protect your marketing assets.


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