A range of Android Apps soon to hit Google Store!!!

****4th Anniversary Celebration Offer****

Permeative Technologies is glad to announce the release of Android Apps in the Coming Weeks….

Take a look at the some of the utility and productivity apps that are soon to appear on Android Store.

1. Event Calendar

Now you won’t be missing any important event, be it birthday parties, anniversary, meetings or vacations…..

Event Calendar will keep track of your events and remind you well before….

A perfect app to keep you updated regarding the upcoming events.

2. Facebook Birthdays

Facebook is a social networking site that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. “Facebook Birthdays” is an app developed to remind you the birthdays of dear ones even when you are offline.

3. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is one convenient app where you can

-Record anything and make it audio file or ringtone for your Android Phone
-Record unlimited time of audio and can export audio file to mail

* Append/Edit muiltiple audio sessions to audio file
* Can create Unlimited number of ringtones

4. Currency Converter

Currency Converter lets you convert the worldwide currencies and displays  the current currency rate with few taps..

Just enter the value and select the countries, you can see the result within seconds….

5. Image PDF

Image PDF allows you to convert multiple images to compressed PDF documents with ease.

This is one handy app, where you can set the font, text size and even change the text color before converting the images into PDF format.

6. File Archive

Files can be lost from your data card in any number of ways—you might accidentally delete a file, or a virus might wipe them out. Today, there are many apps for backing up your content. One such app is “File Archive”.

7. Secure Photos & Videos

Secure Photos & Videos Lock will allow you to safeguard your personal images and videos. Lock the photos & videos you don’t want to share with others using this application.


8. Measurements

If you are confused about the mathematical measurements, here is an app that lets you converts Weight, pressure, length and distance to an exact unit.

“Measurements” is one app that eases your work.

9. Track List

Add list of pending tasks and sub tasks, give away description, Set Badge if you want to know how many tasks have been completed and how many are pending and set password too…

Many cool features and much more are available on Tracklist….

10. Memory Machine

Building and boosting memory at a very young age has its own advantage. We are not talking about any drugs or medicine to improve your children’s memory. The best way to improve is to give them task that will increase their reasoning power, thereby boosting their memory with games that are of their interest.

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